Saturday, October 4, 2008

Some Great Wins!

I have had a lot of fun helping to give away so many things on my blog. I wanted to share some of the things I've been given, or have won.

Remember Black Mountain Furniture Company? The website that got majorly overloaded because of our feature and giveaway from them? Well, Reginia and her husband were VERY generous and, not only did they give away one of the black 24" benches to one of our readers, but they also sent me one!!!! Isn't that cool??? It fits very nicely in our decor!

Then, one of my very faithful readers had a giveaway on her blog, where she gave away a $35 gift certificate, and I won it!

I entered another giveaway that one of my readers was doing, giving away this purse from Kennedy Grace Boutique. Guess who got it? ME!

Oh, and check this out...this darling Halloween Tote Bag from Sew Gracious. Simply Sentimental was sponsoring this giveaway, and yep, I won that too!

I entered a giveaway over on the Girl Indie blog, for a little mini blankie, which would've been perfect for our new little one. I won it!

What's my point? Well, my point is, that there are a LOT of wonderful blogs giving away some pretty amazing things out there...especially some pretty amazing handmade things. I hope that you all are getting out there and entering to win. Even if it's not something that you yourself would use, there's potential for some fantastic Christmas and/or birthday gifts out there!!!


april said...

Here Here! Congrats on your wins. I host a giveaway every weekend and usually one during the week. I think it really spices things up for my readers and the comments left give me an idea of who my reader base is.

The Downtown Boutique said...

April, thank you so much for sharing your comment. I will head on over there to check out your blog.


Anonymous said...

Wow, congrats sweetums!!! You won some awesome stuff, those purses are too cute! I still can't believe I won one of your giveaways....eeeeeeep!!! lol :)

m said...

congratulations on the win!