Thursday, November 13, 2008

A FREE Photo Book From Inkubook

What a fantastic gift! Did you take some great Fall pictures this year? Have another reason for NEEDING a free photo book? I think I will get this free photobook to use with our little guy whom we are adopting, to help him learn his words. He has developmental delays, and has some speech issues. We also want to do a book for him to help him identify the special people in his life.
Here's the site:
Here's the promotion code: PBK266
Follow the instructions to sign up, start your book, and invite your friends (they’ll get a promotion code, too!)
Create your photo book within 30 days of joining.
All you have to pay is shipping!
The book is free! ENJOY

Now scoot! You've got to place your order by November 30th!!


cltgrace said...

Hey, hats off to you & blessings in your adoption. What a charming fellow. I'm an early intervention specialist/developmental therapist, working with little ones with special needs. Love it & love families walking the road of special needs. I know you're problaby already working with a super support ei team, but if you ever have a question - please feel free to look me up - really.

The book is absolute a GREAT idea!! Thanks for sharing your find~

cltgrace said...

I signed up with Inkubook - love making our own books! Thanks again

PamperingBeki said...

Thank you so much!! I want to do this.