Monday, January 19, 2009

Fabulous Finds: Buddha Nature

During my recent tromp through the forums, I stumbled upon the sweetest little shop and just had to share with TDB readers! Among the many lovelies found in her shop, she creates the most adorable crocheted monkeys (as seen above) and gorgeous handbags (below,) which are perfect for grocery shopping, a day at the beach, or just running around town. Her stuff is super cute and made out of hemp, wool, and cotton (just to name a few), so not only will you be buying something sweet..."you will be honoring the planet" as well, states Whitney! Ready to read more about this caring artist!?! Alright, let's do it....

TDB: What is the name of your store and what type of items do you sell/market/promote?

BN: Our company's name is Light Harmony Gratitude but you can find us on etsy as "buddhanature". ( )
We make and sell crafts which have a similar theme, promoting a spiritual and organic lifestyle.
TDB: What made you decide to get into this business?

BN: Our company is actually a partnership between myself, Whitney, and my talented and supportive partner Jeremy.
Although, I am mostly the one in charge of online operations.
Jeremy has a bachelors degree in fine art and contributes paintings, bags and bamboo flutes to our wares.
I have been crafting since I was a little girl at summer camp.
We have both found that we need to create beautiful things in life to be really happy, so making that into our mutual business was a natural step forward.
Since moving to Pemberton BC, We have found ourselves to be increasingly supported by the wonderful artistic community in the area and it has really encouraged us to continue doing what we love.

TDB: Do you have any special interests, crafts, talents? If so, what is your latest project?

BN: I noticed early on in life that I had "the touch" or an "eye" for making all kinds of natural artistic creations. My eyes see organic shapes and colours and my hands automatically arrange them into wonderful creations. It's my most cherished gift!
My latest projects are making handmade recycled greeting and note cards, featuring my digital photography. The can be planted to grow lovely flowers!
I am also working on some new hemp necklace designs. I love to work with knots, hemp, gemstones and crystals.
TDB: List three things we would be surprised to know about you?

BN: 1.I love to snowshoe!
BN: 2. We have three amazing and sweet sister cats in our household. Luckily they are partly outdoor cats and we are able to keep our crafts and materials free from their playful paws (and stray hairs!)
BN: 3.Jeremy and I have a few entrepreneurial side projects aside from crafting, Jeremy is a guitar and classical yoga teacher as well as a promising musician. ( ) We are both trained in Gendai Reiki Ho at the second (okuden) level. Whitney has begun studying the third, (shinpiden) level. ( )

TDB: Where can we find your shop products?

BN: Currently, we are selling our products in our online shop at: During the rest of the 2009 Winter Season we will be selling our natural crafts and toys, every sunday, at the Winter Farmer's Market at the beautiful Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre in Whistler, BC ( ) We are always looking out for suitable venues for our crafts and are hoping to sell at some great events around British Columbia this summer including the Pemberton Festival ( )

xoxo Michele

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Hi there! I have worked w/ Michele from Sweet Irie & love her products! How can I go about being featured or doing a giveaway on this blog? :)

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