Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Show and Tell

It's Sunday...a day when many of us are able to spend time with family, in one way or another; and also a day when we can relax, and take a break from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. I know that for my husband and I, when we get home from church, if we don't have other things to do, we like to do a little shopping around online, or just leisurely reading our favorite blogs; while our son will draw or read.

I would love to have you give a little "Show and Tell", by telling me about your shop or your blog. Leave a comment, with a link, and we'll mosey on over to check out where you "live". Who knows? Maybe this will become a regular feature here on TDB.

Speaking of relaxing, check out the hammock in the photo! I don't think I could relax in it, just knowing it costs more than my car!!! You can find it here.

Have a blessed and relaxing rest of your day!


Jenn said...

That hammock looks sooooo great right about now!

My show & tell:

I'm Jenn. My blog is at:

I'm hoping to open an online shop for my crafty endeavors soon.

I also have a small children's clothing company that I run with my momma:

The Downtown Boutique said...


Doesn't that hammock look awesome? Did you see the price tag???

Thanks for showing and telling. I will for sure go and check out your shops!

Have you heard of It's a great and inexpensive place to have an online shop!

Take care,

Simply Sentimental said...

I SOOO need that hammock in my back yard....just not in my budget....I'd never get any yard work out of my hubby is we had one..LOL...

My Show & Tell:
Simply Sentimental
Custom Creations by Sydnei

I have a shop full of handmade greeting cards and a whole line of paper piecings for those who scrapbook....All my paper piecings are handmade/handcut by me..NO die cuts involved....Stop by my shop and have a look around...


Alicia said...

WOW wouldn't I love to have that hammock! You have a great blog here and even though its not sunday feel free to check out my blog its I also have an etsy site for my jewelry


Bethany said...

OOOh dreamy nice would that be to come home from church and sway in the breeze after lunch??

I am going to be filling my shop up later this week with lots of new goodies....check it out at
or my blog for what I'm working on at the

The Downtown Boutique said...

Here's an idea...I could buy the hammock and rent time slots! That's how I could pay for it. Oh, but I don't know where I'd put it. I don't think our apartment complex would like it too much if I set it up in the greenbelt outside our front door.

It does look dreamy though, doesn't it?

rtisan said...

My name is Sharon and I have a new blog:

PamperingBeki said...

I'd pay for some time in the hammock! Does a cabana boy/masseuse come with it? :)

My blog is

The Downtown Boutique said...

Ohhh, a masseuse! Now that sounds lovely!

lilacpop said...

We got another snow storm in Michigan this past weekend--I long for a warm summer day and a hammock like this!! Spring, where are you???

I have 2 etsy shops and a blog if you want to check them out! for one of a kind accessories and jewelry with a focus on recycled felt for fine art photography in beautiful sepia tones printed on metallic paper