Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Shop Talk

Photo courtesy of www.brightside-photography.com

There are probably a kajillion places to shop these days, whether it's in an actual brick and mortar shop, or online. Gone are the days of a couple of family owned "Mom and Pop" shops in town, that close at 5pm and aren't open on Sundays. Now you can go shopping in your pajamas, in the middle of the night, with just the click of a button.

When you shop, do you shop only online? Do you shop only in a brick and mortar store? What do you shop for online? What are you looking for in the "perfect" shopping experience? What would make you NOT shop online? What would make you NOT return to a store again? What are some of your favorite online places to shop and why?

We would love to hear from you! Leave us a comment about your shopping preferences and experiences.


Anonymous said...

I shop mostly online. I shop for gifts, home items, clothes, etc. for online. In the "perfect" shopping experience, I am looking for GREAT customer service, answers emails promptly and courteously, ships quickly, nice on-line shop, etc. The only on-line store is a very popular one and I won't shop their because two Holiday Seasons in a row I ordered Christmas gifts by Nov. 1 and they still couldn't fulfill the order even though originally they said they could. And they didn't tell me until a week before Christmas. Where do I shop on-line? For Books - Powells.com, and Gifts, clothes, etc - Etsy.com.

Bethany said...

My first love would be fleamarkets and antique fair/junk stores!
Second, I really am a big fan of the little special boutiques although I do confess a bit of a Target addiction too...and TJ Maxx (blush) but although I do shop online at Ebay and Etsy a bit I still am a "hold it in your hand before I buy" kinda girl.

Simply Sentimental said...

I am also an online shopper..There is something to be said for shopping on your P.J.s with your hair in a pony tail, NO make up and a fresh cup of java...I'm a total hermit....If I could have my groceries delivered to my house I would never leave..LOL....

PamperingBeki said...

Etsy is my favorite place to shop online right now, followed by ebay. :)

The Downtown Boutique said...

Sydnei, I'm with you there! We can get our groceries delivered out here in the Bay Area. Hubby doesn't really understand how I can go for days without having to leave the house. I just get comfy, and I'm such a homebody.

We love to shop on Amazon, and can even get hubby's razors, my OTC meds, a vacuum cleaner, and cereal! We have Amazon Prime, so these things are wonderful...we get them in 2 days!

And Amazon does have that great customer service that nahia talks about!

Bethany, I LOVE antique stores, but haven't been to any in quite awhile.

Beki, I am LOVING my Etsy shopping! I haven't done a ton, because I need to sell more to shop more. Those Etsy items are wants...not needs. But I did just buy some magnets (my second set!) from MissChief.