Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday Features No. 4 -- Ultimate Blog Party 2008

Ultimate Blog Party 2008

Happy Friday! It's time for the Ultimate Blog Party! What's that you ask? It's a HUGE blogging party created for women/girl/gal bloggers (sorry guys!) to have a way to network, socialize, get to know one another, and get LOADS of exposure for their blogs. It's also a fantastic way to win some very cool prizes, which we'll get to in a minute. To find out more about me, the "magnificent brain" (yeah right!) behind The Downtown Boutique, check out my other blog.

First things first, we must draw our winner for the Hide N Seek print and greeting card! And the winner is Annie Howes of! WOO HOO!!!! Congratulations Annie!!!!! Give us a ringy-dingy (well, at least an email or convo!), with your address, and Eloise will send out your prize.

Now for the REALLY fun stuff! We have NINE giveaways this week! I'm so excited! Here they are in alphabetical order:

1. $20 Gift Certificate from Ambrosia Delights.

2. Pomegranate White Tea Soap, Maple Sugar Soap, and Green Clover & Aloe with Barley Grass Soap from Barrs by the Bay Soaps. That's 15 ounces of soap in 3 bars!
3. Crystal-Embellished Silk Flower Pin from First Love.
4. Matching Coffee Cuddler and Ice Cream Cuddler from Gracie Designs.

5. $20 Gift Certificate from lil did creations.

6. Makeup Bag from Modern Charm.
7. Matching Wallet and Tissue Holder from Sew Gracious.

8. Greeting Card Pack of 5 from Simply Sentimental.

9. $25 Gift Certificate from Trilei Jewelry.

This giveaway is now closed. We are still accepting comments, but not for entries for the giveaways. We will draw for winners on Tuesday, March 18, because hubby and I get a WELL-deserved and much needed weekend away that weekend!

Well, that about does it! Be sure to check out the other awesome blogs participating in the Ultimate Blog Party, and see what other great giveaways you can win.

Have a wonderful weekend!

PS...Don't forget to scroll down and enter to win the darling cupcake taggie blanket from! Deadline is Monday, March 10th at Midnight PST.

Ok, now it's MY turn to try and win some prizes! I have looked at the prize list on the 5Minutes4Mom site, and here are my top three picks of what I'd LOVE to win!:

1. The Logitech QuickCam Pro9000 Webcam from Liz, over at This Full House.
2. The Cherish Bound Story Package from Cherish Bound.
3. The "Good for the Kids" $40 Gift Certificate from Good For the Kids.

And here are the rest of the things I would love to win in a non-preferential order:
#1, 7, 12, 15, 17, 30, 36, 39, 49, 59, 60, 99, 138, 140.

Check out the list for yourself!


Bethany said...

This party is such a fun idea Angie!! Lots of great items by talented sellers...I'm so glad to be joining in on the fun :)

Betsy said...

I love nanna's little helper from Ambrosia Delights.

hazel said...

Woo Hoo!!! I love modern charms wristlet in Raspberry! Sooo Pretty!!

Crunchy Domestic Goddess said...

what a fun party. :) i love the summer lovin outfit from ambrosia delights.
amygeekgrl AT gmail DOT com

Shannan Powell said...

What a fun way to participate in the blog party.

I would love a chance at winning the soaps from Barrs by the Bay! Handmade soaps are always so special!

shannanpowell @

ReviewsbyHeidi said...

I went to and I love all those twisted wire earrings~ they are so different from any other jewelry I've seen.
Heidi (who is always hosting a contest)

Tizzalicious said...

The Blog party thing sounds so interesting!

PamperingBeki said...

What a great party!

I'd have to pick Barrs by the Bay soap. Any of them!

Melissa Aubrey said...

Your blog is so fun! Congrats to you for being featured on Cuteables! Melissa

lace said...

Wonderful Party!

The Barrs by the Bay giveaway looks wonderful.

The Minty Yuzu Grapefruit sounds wonderfully refreshing! I also love that she makes soap with coffee!

ikkinlala said...

If this is open to Canadians, I'd love a chance to win the Barrs By The Bay soap. A lot of their soaps look great, but I think my favourite item is the Rick's Soap.

My e-mail address is in my Blogger profile.

Anonymous said...

Great party stop and great giveaways! Have a happy party!

April said...

My pick is from Lil Did Creations shop and it's the White Jade & Amethyst Necklace. It's stunning! It was very hard to just pick one from all the great shop choices. or

sherrim said...

I love Barrs by the Bay. The soaps are so beautiful and I imagine they would make my skin so soft (and probably taste great, too! haha!)

I think the Pomegranate White Tea and Maple Sugar soap sound interesting, but I really love them all! :0)

Jennifer P said...

I like the Mulberry Wine Bracelet from Trilei!

Dawn said...

I looooove the market totes at MODERN CHARM... Although, the makeup bags I've given as gifts have been HUGE hits! Either way, you can't lose -- she's got good stuff. :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! Hooray! Open worldwide! I'm in Australia...this is great!

May I enter all nine giveaways? If so, here are my faves from each store:

#1 - Ambrosia Delight's: Pink Blue and Green Elephants Oh My Flannel Burp Cloth.

#2 - Barrs By The Bay: Pomegranate White Tea...Beautiful!

#3 - First Love: Button Armour Choker Necklace with Heart Sterling Toggle Clasp.

#4 - Gracie Designs: Two loves here - - - Loopy Purses and Headbands.

#5 - Lil Did Creations: Brass Rose Earrings.

#6 - Modern Charm: Canvas Market Tote with Funky Patchwork (pinks).

#7 - Sew Gracious: Mini Wallet and Tissue Holder in Carnival Bloom!

#8 - Simply Sentimental: Call Me Friendship Handmade Greeting Card.

#9 - Trilei Jewelry: Tidewaters-Blue Crazy Lace Agate Bracelet.

If I misunderstood and I was meant to only list one favorite over all...then, surprise me!

Inviting you to party with me!

Win Chocolates:

Win a handmade pocket place mat:

Join me this month at A Cup of Joy for Missions Month:

The Downtown Boutique said...

Nope, you didn't misunderstand. You can definitely enter to win ALL of the prizes. If you happen to get randomly chosen for two, we will pick again for the second item. But you won't know, so it's ok. :-)

Thanks for commenting. I'M counting on winning the CHOCOLOATE over at YOUR blog! And I need to go check out your other blogs. You're like me...three blogs!

eastcoastlife said...

I so so want the soaps from Barrs by the Bay!!

I'm from Singapore and it's hot and humid here... I need to bathe at least 2 daily. It would be wonderful to have the yummy soaps! hehe....

eastcoastlife said...

oops.... my email

eastcoastlife55 at hotmail dot com

Christine Barr said...

This is so exciting! Thanks Angie for letting me party with everyone! Such talent! I'm personally eyeing those adorable baby totes on Sew Gracious' site! As a new and hip 'young' granny, I could use something cool like that pink & green polka dot tote to carry the diapers around in!

What an encouraging day! :)

Barrs By The Bay said...

whoops! I meant to click blogger!

Tiffany said...

I did not have to look to far to know exactly what I want- Olive Oil mint tea soap from Barrs By the Bay! OMG that sounds heavenly!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an awesome giveaway! It was neat to browse all the shops and see the great products.
Here's my fave products in numerical order of the giveaway:
1. biker chick jean jacket
2. espresso cream soap
3. lacey elegant choker with vintage rhinestone clip
4. the flowery part checkbook cover
5. blue birdsnest earrings
6. zippered wristlet in raspberry and cream fabric
7. pocket tissue holder in amy butler fabric
8. single letter monogram handmade greeting card
9. blue crazy lace agate bracelet


Nickole said...

These are such great items for the giveaway. Everything is just so cute. Here are my no particular order..because I think they are all so great.

#1 - Sew Gracious - Matching Wallet and Tissue Holder - Any of the Amy Bulter fabrics would be great.

#2 - Gracie Designs - Matching Coffee Cuddler and Ice Cream Cuddler - I love the Retro Pink

#3 - Modern Charm - I love the Chocolate and White Swirl makeup bag. So trendy :)

#4 - Simply Sentimental - Five Pack of Greeting Cards - Have you seen their monogrammed cards...TOO CUTE!

#5 - Ambroisie Delight - The black cross t-shirt...I wonder if it comes in blue for boys.

#6 - Lid Did - Little Sprout earrings. They can go with anything.

lev53211 said...

great giveaways! i like Gracie Designs, the blue burst business card holder.

Happy Mama said...

I would like to enter the Trilei Jewelry contest..and I really like the Swarovski Birthstone march! Thanks for visiting my party!

Anonymous said...

Here are some of my favorite items:

3) First Love - The Subtle Silver and Sequins Camisole is gorgeous and much prettier than ones I have found in stores!

5) Lil Did Creations - The Smokey Luxe earrings are hands down my favorite item!

8) Simply Sentimental - Gorgeous cards all around, but my favorite would be the Birthday Cupcake Paper Piecings, that would definitely come in handy in my scrapbooking endeavors! I love the monogrammed greeting cards as well =)

9) Trilei Jewelry - Terra Firma Pearl Dangle Bracelet is my favorite! It's so elegant and sophisticated.

Oh, and if I should be so lucky as to win, I can be reached via Etsy (Hurdler4eva) or via email (Hurdler4eva at gmail dot com)

Thank you to everyone who has donated items for this very generous giveaway!

Elizabeth Gwen Originals said...

What a fantastic blog! It is so hard to choose only one item to try and win, but I really love the crystal embellished pin from First Love.

In First Love's shop, I really love the slip dress! It is so romantic and feminine. Gorgeous!!


Melanie said...

I love your blog, I'm so glad I stopped by. Enjoy the party!!
Our Happy Happenings
Livin' With Me

Bunny B said...

Cool stuff!

I like the OsoBaby Fluffy Chenille and Flannel Baby Blanket from Ambrosia Delights.

The Pear'nillaberry Tea Swirl from Barrs by the Bay Soaps sounds nice!

Love the Amethyst Jade and Freshwater Pearl Cluster Earrings from LilDid.

The Zippered Wristlet in Raspberry and Cream Fabric from Modern Charm is cute.

The Mermaid Cutie bag from Sew Gracious is adorable!

And I like the TERRA FIRMA - Pearl Dangle Bracelet from Trilei Jewelry.


bunnybox9 [at] lycos [dot] com

Jus Shar Designs said...

Great blog!

This blog party was so much fun last year...this year should be just as good.

Check out my blog sometime when you get the chance. :-)

Happy Panda said...

WOW - You have some really nice stuff to giveaway. Thank you so much for stopping by to give thanks. Happy party hopping!

Sew Gracious said...

I'm so glad to see so many wonderful goodies in the giveaway! What a great group to be a part of! ;-)

Thanks to everyone who has visited my Etsy shop and my website to see all the goodies I make! :-)

Happy Blog Party! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for having us - what a lovely, lovely party you throw!

With pretty things to give away, no less.

No fair - it's so hard to pick just one ;o) The rainbow teardrops over at Lil Did Creations are to blog for!

Have a great week!

cltgrace said...

Oh, oh...I love the Roses and Pearls earrings at Ambrosia!

Thanks for peeking in on us at If you have an opportunity, please stop by Vicks Caring Tributes & vote for our GraceFULL Heart clip! I'm a finalist! YEAH!

Great party place!!

Queen Bee, Veronica said...

I love the tissue and wallet! SO adorable - all of the giveaways are great! And so is this blog - I will be back!

Stop on over to my site
Polka Dot Bumblebee - custom photo cards and personalized stationery
and blog:

Party ON!

Kelley Grace said...

Thanks for including me. This is my first giveaway, and what a way to start. I am in good company. Thanks for stopping by my shop!!

Kelley (Gracie Designs)

Cocoa said...

So glad I read the comments to see I can enter all of the giveaways! Yahoo!

So here are my favorites from each site:

1.Denim Cats Eye and Swarovski Girls Memory Wire Bracelet from Ambrosia Delights. This piece is stunning!

2.Maple Sugar from Barrs by the Bay. I love handmade soap. That's all I use!

3. Love the Rooster Bag from First Love. I'm a farm girl what can I say?

4. Love the "Honey I'm Home" Hostess Apron from Gracie Designs

5.White Jade and Amethyst Necklace from Lildid

6.The Chocolate Brown with Off-White Swirl Design Fabric Makeup Bag and Skinny Headband from Modern Charm is me. :D

7.Carnival Bloom Mini Wallet and Tissue Holder from Sew Gracious.

8.Set of 3 Little Birdie Just a little Note Handmade Greeting Card from Simply Sentimental. Just lovely!

9. CRACKELATURE - Turquoise Nugget Wire Woven Pendant on Leather from Trilei. I'm a sucker for turquoise!

Thanks for the chances to win! And thanks for visiting my party. :D

e-mail is on my profile page.

Melody said...

They are all great! Fun blog party :)
I would love to win the makeup bag by Modern Charm!

sweetsue said...

My favorite; and believe me it was hard to choose was the Turquoise Nugget Wire Woven Pendant on Leather from the Trilei Jewelry giveawa.

Sarah said...

Hi - I love the Espresso soap at Barrs by the Bay but everyone has so many things to like it is hard to choose!

Thanks for organizing this. Come visit my site for a chance to win a $15 Amazon gift card!

Melody said...

Ooh, I love the coffee and ice cream cuddlers too! All the fabrics she uses in her shop are so much fun!

momoftwinz said...

What great giveaways! I am so glad I am hoping to win the Makeup Bag from Modern Charm. So glad I visited the Etsy site because I also love their totes and tissue holders! Have a great week mingling!

Eva said...

that was incredibly tough to choose... but alas, i'm a sucker for yummy smelling soap! so i'm going to enter the #2 Barrs by the Bay contest :) the soap that really caught my eye was actually one that's also in the contest- yippie. i might just have to get one anyway if i don't win- it's the clover, aloe, barley one that sparked my interest :)

if i were lucky in enough, get in touch with me here


Brandy said...

Wow, that was tough! Such neat things! I really like everything at Simply Sentimental but I love the Black Cross Tee with Pink Sequined Cross from Ambrosia Delights for my little angel. So, I'd love to enter the Ambrosia Delights giveaway. Thanks!

Taleri said...

2. In Barrs By The Bay I like the baby honey bar

5. In lildids shop I love the Brilliant boulders.

9. In Trilei's shop I like the MULBERRY WINE - Garnet and Pearl Bracelet

convo Taleri @ etsy

Nicol said...

Those are some beautiful prizes! I love the mini wallet from Sew Gracious, the makeup bag in Olive green, cream and blue from Modern Charm and the Amber Teardrop dusters from lil did creations.


Madison*Boutique said...

I like the mermaid cutie handbag from sew gracious.

danetteb said...

Modern Charm has a nice assortment of bags, can't choose just one. Fun post,its nice to meet you. Happy Blogfest!

Hugs, Danette

Sandy said...

The greeting cards are just wonderful. Love them... Pick me for them.....

Kim said...

Thanks for taking a turn on the dance floor over at The Bitter Ball. Good luck with your adoption. It is an amazing thing when you finally hold your child in your arms!

Do we only get to enter for one prize? There are several I like.

From Ambrosia Delights I love the Denim Cats Eye and Swarovski Girls Memory Wire Bracelet

From Gracie Designs I really like the Fuscia Birdie design.

My daughter really, really wants the Gold Silver or Two Tone Birdsnest Earrings from Lil Did Creations.

kimerizzo at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I like the Bistro Apron - Coffee Anyone from Gracie Designs.

dolls123 (at) gmail (dot) com

Naomi said...

I love...

... the retro kitty set at Ambrosia Delights. cream soap at Barrs By The Bay.

... the ballet dreams ornament at First Love Designs.

... the blue dotty wide headband at Gracie Designs.

... the gold and brass opera necklace at Lil Did.

... the damask headbands at Modern Charm.

... the Sew Gracious green dot mini card holder.

... TIDEWATERS - Blue Crazy Lace Agate Bracelet from Trilei Jewelry.

thanks for introducing me to all these new shops!

i-Mommy said...

Great Party! Awesome Giveaways!

I love the Trilei Terra Firma pearl dangle bracelet. IT is beautiful! I even have the perfect sweater to wear with it. HA!

Thanks for throwing such a fab party!

I'm off to do some more blog-hoppin' :-)

Michelle said...

Thanks for hosting the party. I stopped by to visit Simply Sentimental and the cards are just stunning. I wonder if the vege card will inspire my daughter to eat her vegetables.

Natalie said...

I love the orange make-up tote. From the site where that came from I love the Dark Brown and Sky Blue Seed Pod Fabric Makeup Bag with Skinny Headband. Thanks for hosting a fun giveaway! If I'm lucky enough to win just leave me a comment at and I'll get in touch with you! :) Thanks again!

Kathy said...

I'm entering the Simply Sentimental (#8) giveaway. I checked out their site and love the monogrammed cards, the pink is my favorite. Thanks, Kathy

Tammy said...

Wow, what great sites, this is what I found that I like!
From Ambrosia - The Oso Baby Set of two flannel burp cloths
From Bars by Bay - Lime in the Coconut scented soap ( I LOVE coconut)
From Gracie Designs - The I Scream Cuddler - I have Raynaud's, and my hand get numb very quickly if in contact with cold things, I always use a dish cloth to hold my ice cream dishes/cups -- hmmm....coconut ice cream sounds really good right now lol
From ModernCharm - the Graphic Black & White Headbands - I've always had short hair and am just beginning to grow it out, finally it's long enough to use these cute hair things again!
From Sew Gracious - The mini wallet card case - to carry around all my gift cards so I stop putting them in a safe place where I can never find them again
From Simply Sentimental - The Monkey and Bananas cut outs - too cute

and from me to you -- THANKS FOR THE GREAT CHANCE TO WIN and A TERRIFIC BLOG (did you hear that? I said it kind of loud lol!)
(my email is in my blogger profile)

CB said...

My top three are

first love = her black slip skirt is so fun!

lil did creations = White Jade and Amethyst Necklace is beautiful

Trilei Jewelry = timeworn bracelet is really different i love it

thanks for a great party!

Phyl said...

I am having a Birthday-Blog-Bag-Give-A-Way! Come by my blog for a chance to win a handmade handbag.

At Ambrosia Designs I love the Denim Cats Eye Bracelet.
At Barrs By The Bay I love the Espresso Cream Soap and the Orange Creamsicle,too.
At First Love I love the A Rooster Woke Me Up Sac.
At Lildid I love everything! But to chose one thing: Smokey Luxe Earrings.
At Trilea I love the Prismatic Rainbow Earrings.

Also...found you via the party from 5 Minutes For Mom.

Nikki said...

It's so hard to pick a favorite, but I choose the wallet and matching tissue holder from Sew Gracious. Her bags are so cute too!

Elaine A. said...

I LOVE the make-up bag from Modern Charm and I love their wide headbands, especially the brown one w/ blue polka dots!

Thanks for hosting a party and giveaways!


Rachel said...

I love the "twisted" necklace from lil did!

wiredalive at hotmail dot com

Danielle said...

Awesome party! Love the OSoBaby Burp Cloths at Ambrosia Delights! Especially the "Buckaroo" print!
dansan826 at

Anonymous said...

What great giveaways!! Here are my choices ;)
1.Ambrosia Delights- Black Cross Tshirt
2.Barrs by the Bay Soaps- Lavendar Cream Goatsmilk
3.First Love-Vintage Crochet Cameo Choker
4.Gracie Designs- Bistro Apron - Fuscia Birdie
5. lil did creations- Underwater Trees with Detachable Accent
6.Modern Charm- Wide Fabric Headband in Black and White Peacock Feather
7.Sew Gracious- Pink and Green Floral Handbag . Market Tote with Tissue Cover
8. Simply Sentimental- Personal Monogram Handmade Greeting Card in Pink and Black
9. Trilei Jewelry- TIMEWORN - Unique Byzantine Bracelet with Onyx Clasp

Becky said...

I love the Dark Brown and Sky Blue Seed Pod Fabric Makeup Bag From Modern Charm! Just in case you pick me to win my email is momto4kidsny(at)gmail dot com.

BeachMama said...

Angie, thanks for stopping by my party, I will be thinking of you enjoying the beach this coming weekend as we dig out of another snow storm (hopefully not as big as the last one). You highlighted so many talented people at your party, but the soaps made by Barrs by the Bay really caught my eye. I would love to try the Maple Sugar Soap as it is Maple Sugar season here :). Great party!

The Single Mom said...

Hello Angie! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your kind words! Although I have adjusted quite well to being a single mom, I never tire of hearing the true love stories out there - what an inspiration you and your husband are! Hope you're enjoying the party and making lots of new friends! Loved the boutique! I can't wait to come by when I can stay longer!

Sprittibee said...

Oooo! Ooooo! Pick me!

These earings ROCK!

I visited! They make some groovy jewelry!

Uniquely Yours said...

This is great! Next time I'm going to be more prepared. Check out my site.

Kimberly B. said...

From Barrs by the Bay, I like Rick's soap. Thanks!

nor_lou said...

MAD FOR MILLEFIORI - Glass and Swarovski Bracelet from Trilei Jewelry is my favorite

Kathryn said...

All the sites were wonderful and I had a hard time choosing, so I picked one from EACH!! lol

Ambrosia Delights ~ Tropical Island Cateye Earrings

Barrs By the Bay ~ Mangosteen Fruit Soap

First Love ~ Altered Ballet Slipper

Gracie Designs ~ Pretty in Black & White Checkbook cover ~ Smokey Luxe Earrings

Modern Charm ~ Black & White Makeup Bag and Skinny Headband

Sew Gracious ~ Black Damask & Bird Toile Handbag

Simply Sentimental ~ 6 All You Need Occassion Cards Gift Set

Trilei Jewelry ~ Mad for Millefrori Bracelet

Whew!!! This is such a wonderful Idea! Come on over and Party on my Blog!

Artful Blessings,

piggy-tails said...

I love that makeup bag from Modern Charm! Orange is one of my fave colours!

My email

IL Social Worker said...

Hi! thanks for stopping by my blog. God bless you on your journey towards my career, I've done everything from investgations to in home to foster care to adoptions. Adoptions is surely the one with the most joy. Happy blog party!

Shannon said...

Thank you for all of the great giveaways! Your blog is very fun!

I'd love to win anything but here are my favs from the different shops:

Ambrosia Delights - Retro Kitty Peasant Top and Ruffled Denim Capris

Barrs By the Bay - Green Clover & Aloe

Gracie Designs - Cuddle Your Coffee in Retro Pink

Modern Charm - Makeup Bag and Skinny Headband in Blue, Lime, White and Black

Sew Gracious - Pocket Tissue Holder in Green Dots

Simply Sentimental - Personal Monogram Handmade Greeting Card in Pink and Orange

Trilei Jewelry - Very Berry Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

Thanks again!
shan9452 at hotmail dot com

paula h said...

1)From lil did creations- I like the Phantom Quartz Bracelet.

2)Modern Charm- The Zippered Wristlet in Rasberry and Cream is my favorite. I also like the large Market Bags. They would make a great mini diaper bag.

3)Sew Gracious- I love The Mermaid Cutie Handbag. Adorable.

4)Trilei Jewelry- TIDEWATERS - Blue Crazy Lace Agate Bracelet is my favorite.

Terri H said...

Hey, this is a cool way to give out prizes. Will be back to check them out more.

(Right now, I'm party hopping)

shawana martin said...

very cool page love giveaways thanks for sharing your page

Anonymous said...

WOW! I came over to say Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog, and I found ALL these cool prizes! I just don't which one I want more. I will have to get clicking.

It was nice to meet you and what a FUN blog you have. :)

Sandy @ Jesus and Dark Chocolate

Anonymous said...

Oooops I got carried away and forgot to tell you which items I love the most......
I always need cards, so the Simply Sentimental would be great

And the jewelry is always needed, so count me in for Trilei many great things there

And the soap is amazing, they look so creamy on the website.

Thanks again for all the fun

Natalie said...

i love the items from sew gracious. i really like their funky flowers fabric

lorenzstudio said...

I love the Phantom Quartz Bracelet from lildid!

Diana said...

Love those green Envy earrings at Trilei Jewelry!

Jessie R. said...

Such great stuff! I am entering the lildid giftcard drawing! I love the recycled spring earrings! They are so cute! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

NEW CREATION.....Bird on Branch Silhouette Thinking of You Handmade Greeting Card
from Simply Sentimental

Cricket said...

Oh...there are so many great things on each of the sites so this is a tough one (but I will manage).... :-)

1) Ambrosia Delights - the lovely Black Cross Tee with Pink Sequined Cross (4t is perfect for my daughter).

2) Barrs By the Bay - Olive Oil Mint Tea Soap!!! I love olive oil based products because they are so yummy to the skin.

3)First Love - Ballet Dreams Bit of Hanging Frippery Assemblage is sweet.

4) Gracie Designs - I am in love in a serious way with the Cuddle Your Coffee Retro Pink design!

5) lil did creations - Sterling Silver Amethyst Drops are oh so pretty.

6) Modern Charm - Wide Fabric Headbank in Turquoise Blue and Cherry Red Floral is funky and fun.

7) Sew Gracious - The Black and Pink Stripe Market Tote is AWESOME!!!

8) Simply Sentimental - The Happy Birthday to Ewe is to funny and precious for words. Love it!

9) Trilei Jewelry - Very Berry Freshwater Pearl Bracelet is my hands down favorite. The color is just striking and gorgeous.

Thank you for sharing these sites with me. When I get my bonus next month I do believe I will be going on an online shopping spree!


Bonggamom said...

Those soaps from Bars by the Bay look gorgeous! The Minty Yuzu Grapefruit would be my favorite, I'll bet the smell would be fantastic.

I'm glad I joined your party...happy partying around the blogosphere, and hope you have time to drop my mine!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for joining my party! Great giveaways!

Kathleen said...

Wow! Lots of giveaways! I love your blog and came here via the blog party.

I'd love to win these:
#2 Pomegranate White Tea Soap (the Minty Yuzu Grapefruit soap sounds great too)
#6 The makeup bag in Olive Green and blue (mine is so crusty with products, that I need a new one)
#7 The wallet and tissue holder set. Love the Amy Butler fabrics, esp. the Slate Blue Wallflowers. These would be great additions to my diaper bag.

Thanks for the giveaways and exposing me to these cool items. Happy partying!

Erika Cass Designs said...

I'm a huge fan of Modern Charm and already have one of her fab headbands.
My fave coveted item she sells is the canvas market tote with patchwork fabric trim. But I also really love this makeup bag/headband in the giveaway! :o)


Debz said...

Great post! Great give away's! Hope your enjoying the party! I’ve been meeting tons of new people! Hope to try to visit at least half of them before Friday! You never know when you may meet a forever friend. Pop by for a visit if you get a chance! Enjoy your day!

Ney_Strokes of Magic said...

with antioxidants and health benefits that put wheat grass to shame . . .doesn't that just sound like the healthiest soap there is!!! Can't wait till she opens her shop. (I love the Clover & Aloe with Barley Grass Soap from ambrosia . . .but then all the prizes are super!)

Megan said...

thanks for stopping by my blog party!!!! nice to meet you!

Jinxy & Me said...

I think all the soaps from Barrs by the Bay Soaps look great. The new Olive Oil Mint Tea Soap looks very interesting!

JLC Studio said...

So many great things to choose from!!! I love this from Sew Gracious:

Whoo hoo!! Party time!!

P.S. My email is

speedouga said...

I LOVE this from lildid's shop..
Lemon Quartz Drop Pendant with Citrine and Topaz--absolutely beautiful colors!

Rockin' Mama said...

I really like the Makeup Bag and Skinny Headband in Coral Pink, Chocolate Brown and White Leaf Fabric from Modern Charm

jasonncaryn at yahoo dot com

Scrapping Servant said...

Hello, nice to meet you. Welcome to the party, even though we are coming to the end. Hopefully I will see you again soon. I gotta go to bed it's almost midnight and my newborn will probably wake me up in 4 hours.

Janne said...

I love the Palm Beach Pique from Sew Gracious!

Brooke said...

I love Modern Charms - great totes!

Bebemiqui said...

All they had up at their Etsy shop for Bars by the Bay was the Maple Syrup soap, but I love the sound of it.

Anonymous said...

I am loven the sound of espresso cream soap by Bars by the bay! Yum!

mverno said...

i'm love it

Beverley said...

Barrs By The Bay: Pomegranate White Tea

Don said...

Surprise me, I 'll take any 2

Anonymous said...

The Barrs by the Bay soap.


llinda29 said...

Soap is my weakness

danosor said...

I could use a bar or two of quality soap.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Fantastic giveaway! Please sign me up for your contest.

Sharon Harmon said...

The Man Men Manly Outdoors Woodsy Earthy Soap Texas Cedar Wood Oil is the perfect cleaning tool for my Texan man!! I love outdoorsy scents on him and he would definitely take to an earthy cleanliness! Thank you for the contest!

Taylor said...

Modern charms- Neat totes! ty.

mogrill said...

I really love the Lemon Quartz Drop Pendant with Citrine and Topaz!

vmkids said...

count me in to win

kohndr said...

Champagne Sea Salt Soap Bar and Ylang Ylang Soap both sound wonderful

silverbele said...

I love interesting soaps for my guest bathroom

CanAmBlond said...

Please sign me up, I love the soaps offered at Tootie's Bubbles.

Anonymous said...

I love the modern charms wristlet in Raspberry. Thanks for holding this contest.

Roseann K. said...

One can never have enough soap! Thanks for the great contest!

rosannepm said...

I like her Holiday Cupcake Bath Fizzer Fizzy Bombs

lilyk said...

I would choose the Grapefruit Shea Butter Soap and the Lemon-Lime Soap if I won.