Monday, March 31, 2008

I've been tagged!

I guess it was inevitable. Sometimes I see blogs where people are "tagged", and think "Why doesn't anyone tag me?" Then I think, "Well, maybe it's for the best, right?". So now it's official...I've been tagged.

7 Random and not so Random, and maybe even possibly odd things about me:

1. I met my husband (and now best friend) on
(Thanks Dr. Dobson for featuring eHarmony on your program!)
2. I am the mother of a teenage boy who has 1/2 a heart and had 5 strokes before age 3.
3. I am a sugar-holic, but working on a change!
4. I sing on the worship team at our church.
5. I got bitten by a baby rattlesnake when my son was a baby.
6. My husband and I are licensed foster parents, hoping to get an adoption placement soon.
7. I sang the National Anthem at a New Mexico Scorpions hockey game.
I guess now is the time when I'm supposed to tag 7 other people, but I would rather tag my readers...YOU! But you can't do the same thing I've done. I want you to tell me your 7 favorite shops on Etsy. And you can either post on your blog, or post in the comments. If you don't know about Etsy, I encourage you to visit! You will find some truly amazing handmade products there! I would have to say that 99.9% of the artists and crafters I feature come from Etsy.
Have a great day!


helen said...

Oh, you have a lovely lovely blog...I love the features! Thank you so much for the encouraging comment. I love bumping into other believers in Bloggerland. I love your Etsy as well. You are so talented! Happy crafting!


helen said...

Etsy shops, I mean :D

i'd love to link your blogs on my crafty weblog (, if that is all right!

Willow Tree said...

I enjoyed your 7 interesting facts! WOW on you, your hubby, son and hopefully a new addtion soon:)

Eva said...

ok, so here are my fave 7 (they are all plush creators). ready?

1. Look What I Can Do
she's the one that got me addicted to plush, i guess she's not named plush-a-holic for nothing ;-)

2. Ping at Wawaya's shop

3. Soto Softies

4. Fernanimals

5. Pillow Monsters

6. Beeper Bebe

7. Dolls for Friends

and I left out many other wonderful artists. Etsy is really great and so inspiring to me. So go check it out :)

Distressing Delilah said...

You have been thru a great deal..judging from just the seven things you have listed!!!! Kudos!

Moodwax said...

I say don't change #3 !
(this is coming from someone who just baked a cake)

Sew Gracious said...

What a great twist on being tagged . . . and it was fun to learn a bit more about you too, Angie!

7 of my favorite Etsy shop, in no particular order. They are all wonderful!


PamperingBeki said...

How cool to learn more about you!

(Pam, thanks for mentioning my shop!!) :) YAY!