Saturday, May 10, 2008

Friday Feature No. 13 -- Only on Saturday

Yes, it's Saturday, and I apologize for posting our Friday Feature late, but this week has been SO busy for us, getting to meet our new little boy. We met him on Wednesday, took our 14 year old son to meet him on Thursday, and then visited again yesterday, meeting the adopted children of our little boy's foster mom. So we've been pretty busy, and have a little bit of tunnel vision.

Congratulations to countryhunny89, who won the $20 gift card. Thank you to all of you who commented and participated by blogging about the giveaway!

Once again, my Friday Feature artist/crafter fell through. They were having some major computer problems and were not able to get back to me, so I am just going to feature some of my favorite shops again.

I would love to hear about your favorite place to find handmade treasures, whether it's an Etsy shop, a website, or a brick & mortar shop. Please comment and let me know where you like to shop.
Don't forget to scroll down and enter to win one of Little Beanz' get to choose whichever print you want!

Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!


Anna Lee said...

Very nice blog. Keep up the great work!
-anna lee

Lucky Girl said...

Lizart is one of my favorite Etsy shops, her stuff is fascinating and colorful:

Hazel Designs said...

Wow, congratulations!

The Downtown Boutique said...

Thank you Anna Lee.

Lucky Girl, I'm going to have to check that shop out.

Hazel, thank you! We're really REALLY excited!

Anonymous said...

I like the coffee cozy here