Friday, January 25, 2008

Giveaways and Contests

Who doesn't love a contest or a giveaway? I sure do! In that light, we're looking for some great items to give away! Do you have something, that retails for $10 or more, that you would love to give away in a contest? If you do, then we will include you in our "Sponsor" lineup for one week. Leave a comment and a way to contact you, and we'll get back with you about your giveaway.

So let the games begin!
*****WOW! We've gotten a great much so, that we are FULL for February! Thank you!
PS...Don't forget...we still have some spots open for February advertisers. If you are interested, please email me!


Bethany said...

Sounds like a great idea....Count me in!

The Downtown Boutique said...

Thanks Bethany! We'd love to have you. I'm not sure if February is full yet or not. I have two for sure commitments, and one maybe. I'll let you know!

Mrs. Altman said...

I'm interested in giving away a pair of beautiful earrings from my shop.

The Downtown Boutique said...

Mrs. Altman, I would love to have one of your pairs of earrings in a giveaway! I love the cherries!


sewserious said...

Hi, I've been lurking for a bit, but I'd love to help out if you still need it. I'd love to donate a matryoshka doll plush. :)

The Downtown Boutique said...

sewserious...your dolls are cute! I would love to have one of them be in the giveaway. I'm getting such a great response, that I may do more than 3 giveaways for the debut month.


Made by Melissa said...

I'd love to offer something for your give away. Lots of my items are under $10, so I wouldn't mind giving you two. I saw your request in the DSM group.

You can contact me through DSM on Ning or in Etsy if you are interested.

The Downtown Boutique said...

Thanks Melissa. I would love to have you participate. We are full up for February, but still looking for March...April...etc.

I convo'd you on Etsy!