Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm Looking for a Couple of GOOD Co-Authors.

Well, I have had the discussion with my husband...we have come to the decision that The Downtown Boutique takes up a LOT of my time. DUH! Actually, I pretty much came to the decision, and he just kindly agreed with me. So, I am looking for a very select couple of (2-3) people who have a little bit of time on their hands, and would love to help with the upkeep on the blog.

I will be very picky in my selection, so if you're interested, please email me with your interest, and let me know why you think you would like to be a part of this, what you have to bring to the table, and a link to some of your own creativity or writing. I do have some very strict guidelines that must be adhered to in order for you to be a co-author, but nothing outrageous.

What you will be responsible for: Helping find wonderful things to show off to our readers. Keeping the blog fun, interesting, and beautiful. I will need one person to take my "Wordless Wednesday" feature, and run with it...or in other words, find an Etsy shop or other website you would love to feature. I will explain more when you get chosen. I will need one person who can take over the "Tots on Tuesdays" portion, including finding people who would be willing to participate in the giveaway and are willing to follow our guidelines for being featured.

Your compensation: A free 125x125 ad spot and a free Link Listing spot (under "Go Shopping") on the right hand side, for however long you will be a co-author (your choice), as well as a free 125x125 ad spot on my other blog, Rio Oso Designs.

If this sounds like a project that is right down your alley, then please contact me. I would love to keep this going, and reach a lot more people, and showcase a LOT more artists and crafters, but I definitely need some help with it.

Have a great day!

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Liz said...

What an amazing opportunity. I completely understand that running a blog, a business and a household can be completely consuming. If you enjoy my writing style ( I'd love to hear a little more about the details.
Thanks! ;)