Sunday, August 3, 2008

Want to Know Who Won the GC?

I have finally been able to get around to tallying up all the entries. We had 280 comments, which resulted in 422 entries!!!! WOW!!! I guess a lot of people like!!! I had a lot of fun reading the comments.

People wanted things like shoes, socks, and underwear; gum, school books, regular reading books, a new blender, a digital camera memory card, video games, craft books, cookbooks, groceries, makeup, games, clothing, video camera, jewelry, DVDs, CDs, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, baby books, scrapbooking books, toys, self-help books, a new bed, a shower curtain, a Betty Boop clock, an ice cream maker, a camera, a Red Sox jersey, a gps, high thread count sheets, a scientific calculator, a new laptop (to replace a dearly departed laptop), a vacuum cleaner (we actually bought one from Amazon!!!), an eco frying pan, school supplies, a new tv, coffee pods for a new mom, a wireless guitar for Wii, comic book characters, a new wind chime, books for a Kindle, gardening equipment, books on dating, bird food, an iPod, a cell phone charger, Rosetta Stone (not the real one, of course!), a remote-controlled shark, pajamas, a coffee maker, ballet slippers, a doll, DIY books, a "green" water heater, a subscription to Xbox live, a George Foreman grill, toilet paper (they must not have a Costco nearby!!!), a new purse, Massage Therapy Exam Prep Flashcards, manga, a panini press, cat toys, fashion books, cookware, sunglasses, Playstation 3, Xbox 3, cake books, audio books, baby things, Batman legos, scented soaps, baking sheets, a battery pack, bike parts, a crank flashlight and emergency radio, and more.

I guess that just goes to show how MUCH there is to buy on Amazon! We have purchased a tent, camping cots, toys, books, movies, cell phone headsets, battery chargers, CDs, video games, a life vest for our little guy, cookware, a KitchenAid mixer, deep fryers, thermoses, blankets, Bibles, pedometers, and so much more from Amazon. We even have a subscription to get Prilosec and razors from Amazon! Crazy, huh?

Well, anyway, we have our winner: Sharon from Massachusetts. Congratulations Sharon! I hope you have fun shopping!

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Have a great day!


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KJ said...

CONGRATS TO SHARON... (unless you just spelled Karen wrong... Hey, it rhymes and it
could happen!) Sharon, you are one lucky ducky!