Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Couple of Things

Happy Saturday! Today has been a fairly relaxing day for me. My husband is away at the Men's Retreat for our church, so he wanted me to take it easy, since I have our 14 year old, and our 19 month old. Last night, I had a good friend and her grand-daughter over for Chinese food (SO good!!!), and a movie. She brought MUG root beer and Breyer's Vanilla Bean ice cream so that we could have root beer floats. We all hung out until 11:00, watching "Firehouse Dog". Well, all of us but the 19 month old, who went to bed a little earlier.

So, I wanted to share a couple of things today. First of all, with this post, we are now only 4 posts away from our 100th post!!! We are celebrating by having a fantastic giveaway and a party! We are looking for about 5-10 giveaway items. If you think you might be willing to give something away, please email me and I will give you the details. Oh yeah, if you choose to sponsor a giveaway item, you will get a month of free advertising on The Downtown Boutique with a Link Listing spot, found over on the right hand side, under the heading "Go Shopping". I need to know by no later than Thursday, June 12th.

Secondly, I wanted to share this great car organizer tutorial that I Stumbled Upon:

If you go to Mayfly, you can find the tutorial on how to make it. Cool, huh!!!
If you know of a great tutorial, let me know by commenting, and I will try to post it soon!

Have a great rest of your weekend!


Sew Gracious said...

Sounds like a fun evening . . . Chinese food, a movie & ice cream!

JoLynn Braley from The Fit Shack said...

Congrats on your upcoming 100th post! Sounds like you've got a great giveaway planned, and I love the idea of the car organizer - super neat idea, thanks for the link!

My Sweet & Saucy said...

So glad you found my blog, so I could find yours too! Yes, I do go to Rockharbor church and do classes there about once every other month. What a small world! So nice to get in touch with fellow christians in the blogworld!

julie king said...

wow! 100 posts! what a nice milestone. your giveaway sounds like fun!!

Bethany said...

A big pre-congrats on the 100th post!! Way to go...the night of friends and floats sounds like it was fun...and the giveaway, well that's just too cool!!

The Downtown Boutique said...

Thanks everyone, for the congrats. You'll be so excited when you see what is being given away!

Alicia said...

love the car organizer thanks for sharing!

AprilDawn said...

What a great idea!!!

Thanks a bunch!