Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Winner and a Vignette

I know, it's not Friday. So, I'm a little behind on getting to things. Anybody relate? I didn't have a Friday Feature last Friday because I had no one on the calendar for it. I'd love to start filling the calendar again with some more great crafters and artists to feature. If you know of someone you'd love to see featured (including yourself), just drop me a line. I would love your help in filling up the calendar. Please keep in mind, jewelry artists are featured on the last Friday of each month. June is booked, but we're open from there!

Congratulations to "dolls123", who won the $15 Gift Certificate from Kim, over at Folk Art From The Heart. Thanks Kim, for the great interview and giveaway! Thanks to those of you who commented to enter to win.

Well, life is changing. I'm closing my Ambrosia Delights Etsy shop, I'm taking the month of July off from custom orders from the Rio Oso Designs Etsy shop, and I'm spending time with family!

My mom is FINALLY coming out for a visit! I've been married and living in CA for four years now, and she has not been able to come out to visit because she is a foster parent, and doesn't want the kids to have to go to hospice. And we haven't been able to go back there in 2-1/2 years because of finances. So I haven't seen my mom for 2-1/2 years! But now she is excited to see her new grandson (to-be), so she will be flying out here with my adopted little sister. Mom hasn't been on an airplane since 1985! Things have certainly changed a bit since then.

We're SOOO excited about them coming out! We're going to take them to see the Golden Gate Bridge, the Monterey Aquarium, the Jelly Belly Factory, and hopefully the train museum in Old Town Sacramento (love it up there!!!). I will do my best to keep up with posting and letting you see new shops featured, during that time.

Here's something fun that I think we'll try making while they're out here. These sponge toys would be fun to take to the pool, the beach, or the lake. Your kids could even have a water fight in the backyard with them! I found them on "Make and Takes", where there is a great tutorial on how to make them.

So, not only are my mom and sister coming out, but my dad is coming out later in the month to go camping with us, and with hubby's family. My best friend from church, and her family are coming too. I'm SO excited that my dad is coming! He's gone through a bad past few months, and I'm glad that he will be able to come out for a few days and just relax, and meet his new grandson. My parents ARE still married, but my dad couldn't come at the same time as my mom because of his work schedule. Regardless, I'm THRILLED!!!

Ok, want to see some pics of our little family, with the new addition? You can check out our family blog, "As For Me and My House". There are LOADS of photos of our sweet Sir C and his new little brother, Sir E. For safety reasons, I must not reveal their names. I hope you understand.

Alrighty, last but not least, here is something that I Stumbled Upon today. I thought you might like this sweet little necklace I found, called "Vignette Swallows and Parasols". You can purchase it at Paraphernalia. These are handmade in the UK.

I hope that you'll keep reading the blog this summer. I have some wonderful giveaways and reviews coming up. If you would like to send me a product to review, just email me, and I will let you know the details. If you're interested in advertising, just contact us, and we'll fill you in there too. We're DROPPING our advertising rates! SO those of you who currently advertise with us will get extra time!

I gotta run. The guys are all at our 14 year old's jujitsu class, and I have worship team practice. Can't be late!

Have a great day!



windycindy said...

Enjoy your time off and visiting with her mother! Take care, Cindi

The Downtown Boutique said...

Thank you Cindi!