Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Features No. 18 -- Featuring Moondog Cottage

Happy Friday! I hope everyone is doing well, and ready for the weekend. Hubby is out getting baby food, batteries for our computer mouse, and Velveeta cheese at Target, so I still have a little time before he gets home and we order Chinese. Once Chinese is ordered, and we've settled in to our movie and family night, there will be no more time to get online to do my Friday Feature!

Today, we are featuring on of The Downtown Boutique's sponsors, Sheri, from Moondog Cottage. If you haven't seen Sheri's wares, you MUST take a look, because she has some gorgeous heirloom quality pieces! If you have loved ones that you want to remember in a really special way, she can create gorgeous pieces of jewelry, featuring photos of those loved ones.

Here's more about Sheri and Moondog Cottage:

TDB: What got you to start creating your beautiful keepsake pieces?
Sheri: Years ago I went to a small town's craft show and a lady had these little pins made with pictures encased in glass. I've always loved Halloween and bought one with a Jack-O-Lantern in it. For years I tried to figure out where she got the little "frame" and how she made this tiny glass picture pin. Finally about a year ago I saw another charm similar to my beloved Jack-O-Lantern pin and realized it wasn't a small frame, it was two pieces of glass that had been hand soldered together! Once I knew what it was I was determined to learn how to do it myself. I went to a local Stained Glass shop and took some lessons on soldering and once I had that mastered, took some lessons at another shop on the basics of jewelry making so I could combine the two for unique jewelry pieces.

TDB: What other sorts of crafting do you enjoy?
Sheri: I've always loved doing anything creative. I guess I get that from my mother. She's extremely creative and makes furniture, wreaths, and all types of craft items and has her own business, Tole Mountain. Besides making jewelry I really enjoy photography and interior decorating also. I've also dabbled in writing and have had some greeting cards published and a story in Chicken Soup To Inspire a Woman's Soul.

TDB: If you could learn some new skill, what would it be?
Sheri: Wow, that's a hard one. I'm always thinking if I had more TIME I would love to learn so many things... One thing I've regretted is that I never learned how to play a musical instrument. I would love to know how to play the piano!

TDB: Where do you sell your jewelry besides your website?
Sheri: Right now I mainly just sell from my website. I have had great PR in my area though with local newspapers writing articles about me, so some local clients have actually came to meet with me to discuss designing jewelry from their old photos. I've had clients from Florida to California. It's been so much fun getting to know my clients and making new friends along the way!

TDB: What is your best advice to someone who is just starting their own online business, selling their own creations?
Sheri: I think it's so important to not get down if things don't take off right away. You have to hang in there and realize it's a slow process. You also have to look at different ways to get your name out there and different ways to sell. Even though I have been mainly selling from my website, I am going to also get on Etsy and look into local shows. I think you have to look at your business from all angles and try many ways to sell and to get recognition.

TDB: Where do you get your inspiration for your pieces?
Sheri: Most of the time I just get out all of my beads and crystals and jewelry findings and see what comes together. I may decide I want to use a certain type of beads and so I will carry them around my other crystals etc. and see what pops out to me that will look good with them. I rarely have something definate in mind when I start. I just see where my jewelry pieces take me and go with the flow. Sometimes it comes together smoothly and sometimes I'll take something apart a few times until I feel it's "right". It's so wonderful when a piece is done and you think "wow, this looks beautiful!"

TDB: How did you come up with your business name, Moondog Cottage?
Sheri: As I said, I like to write. I wrote a children's story called Moondog several years ago for my mother. It was about her beloved dog Princess. I always liked the name. As for Cottage, I'm very much a Cottage Industry business, working from home, so the two went together! I get lots of comments on the name. People love it. One thing I've definately learned is that you need to name your business so people really remember it. You want your name to stick out in a sea of business names!

Wow Sheri! It really seems like you are living a full and content life! I would love to read your stories sometime. Thank you for sharing such wonderful things about you.


For today's giveaway, Sheri has offered up anything from her shop, up to $25. So, go and take a look at her website, Moondog Cottage, and then come back here and tell us what you just love.

One comment per person please, and be sure to leave a valid email address, so that we can get ahold of you if you win.

Deadline to enter is Thursday, July 3rd at Midnight PST.


Don't forget to enter to win an EtsyMini advertising spot, right here on The Downtown Boutique! Deadline to enter is Friday July 11th at Midnight PST.


lynn said...

OMG, I could not come up with k]just one! My favorite thing I saw was the Cowgirl necklace with the beads and the hanging star underneath, but that was not in the price range, LOL. So, my favorite pins were the "flirt", the "goody 2 shoes" and the "caffeine rules" with the blie wings. Everything is gorgeous!!!

windycindy said...

I am familiar with your wonderful jewelry creations! She makes the vintage inspired jewelry that I love to win. All of her pieces are unique and lovely. The "Faith Necklace" is a piece I really would enjoy working.
Please enter me in your delightful drawing. Thanks, Cindi

dfisher83 said...

I have perused this collection before, and just love it! My favorite piece of all is the oriental coin necklace set, but any of the earrings would do just fine as well! Thanks!

tfisher83 AT myexcel DOT com

misty said...

I love the Party Girl Neckalce. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

planetmisty at gmail dot com

Sean said...

I love their Purple Romance Earrings! I love purple!

Stacey Moore said...

great site ~ love the Flirt Bracelet Set!
moore.g at

Kathleen @ Katydid & Kid said...

The coral rhapsody necklace set is so beautiful and very summery. I also like the flirty women necklace, which my good friend would love. Thanks for sharing!

Sharon Zambon said...

My husband & I will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary next January & I would love to find a picture that I could have made into one of the pins of couples that I saw in the collection. Also loved the little girl in the white dress titled "Faith".

Carol Rene' said...

All of Sheri's creations are simple Magical! I adore her use of symbolism & artistry to create sweeping visions of romantic moonlit escapades, desert intrigue, wild west whimsy & Cowgirl fantasies. Scrumptious! Each piece I admire unravels echoes of enchantment & mysticism.
I also adore her delicious, chic, sassy, numbers that echo with flirty delight plus capture the sweet sentimental charm of a by
gone ear!
The "Girl Club" & "Fancy Girl Pin" with a Super FRENCH twist is simple adorable. (Both Sold)
The "Girls Wanna Have Fun" Charm Necklace is DARLING with a capital D!
I would be overjoyed with any of her earrings especially "Purple Romance" with its amethyst glow & "Copper Elegance" Striking lines!
A Native of Tucson Arizona. As a little Girl I was who was lucky enough to heard vivid tales from my grandfather of 1880's to 1940's. Arizona.
I just fell in love with the shimmer of blues that reflect the vast & wild bluest desert sky in "Turquoise Cowgirl"
All of Sheri's pieces are simple BREATHTAKING How could anyone pick a favorite?
Thank you for introducing me to this super talented artist & A change to win a $25 gift certificate
Crossing my fngers...Wishing upon the Desert Sky! Please count me in!

MillieDog Designs said...

what a great artist! I love the colors in the gin and tea bracelet. :)

Shelly said...

I love the Oriental Coin necklace

Jaimee said...

What lovely pieces. I love the pins!!!
I'd have to say Lovey Dovey and Goody Two Shoes are my favorites!

Now my toes are crossed too:
spinlady (at) aol (dot) com