Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Little Bit of Dress-Up Fun!

Pssst....don't tell anyone, but I am a girl who still loves dress-up. I love going to plays and musicals, if for nothing else, for the costumes! I love costumes! I don't currently own any myself, but I do have a 14 year old who even loves dress-up. No, there's nothing wrong with him...he has simply retained an innocence that many children lose much earlier in life. He thinks it's cool to dress up like a pirate, or a ninja, or someone from the book we are currently reading: The Ranger's Apprentice (we're on the 2nd book now). (I'm thinking of doing a review of the book soon, along with a book giveaway!)

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. As I was searching for my "theme" for the EtsyMinis over there to the right, I decided upon fairies. Then, seeing how many gorgeous fairy costumes there are on Etsy, I decided to look at costumes. Because we all know that Halloween is coming soon, I decided to show you some of the costumes on Etsy that really caught my attention.

From Tinkerella Creations: Beautiful Belle Ballgown


"Snow White Prince Set"

(I'm loving all the CUTE Disney inspired costumes by Tinkerella Creations!!! She has a LOT!!)

From Blue Bottle Designs: "Dorothy" Wizard of Oz Dress Set

From Discovery Denim: Little Hero Cape

From Nifty Kidstuff: Firefighter Dress Up Set

From The Reality Deviant: Civil War Medici Style Ballgown

Some other great shops with costumes, or costume accessories:

Syndi's Creations

Faeryspell Creations

Trinity's Tutus


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