Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sundays in the Sewing Room -- Featuring Small Something Couture Costumes

Welcome to our second "Sundays in the Sewing Room" segment. Last week, we featured Debbie from "Bridget and Co.", and we have a winner, but we will not reveal the winner until we hear back from them.

Meanwhile, I have this "thing" about the "custom boutique" listings on Ebay. I dabbled in some custom boutique sewing for awhile, and sold quite a few outfits. But it took up way too much of my time, and the fabric obsession was something that I needed to cut WAY back on. I have sewn quite a few darling little girl outfits that still hang in my closet, but alas, we do not have a little girl. So I indulge by taking a peek at what is selling. It always amazes me, how creative some of the outfits are!

Here is one that I find absolutely STUNNING, not to mention amazingly creative. It comes from Natalee with Small Something Couture Costumes (Ebay id: "smallsomething"), and it is a perfectly darling little costume for a pageant or Halloween party. If you click on each photo, you should be able to see it up close.

Thanks for looking, and have a wonderful week!



Ritch in Love said...

O M GOSH! That is darling!!

The Vineyard Painter said...

That is so creative! What a great dress/costume!

Baba said...

Absolutely adorable costume! My grand-daughter would look so cute in this.

jenny said...

this is realy cute just like a munskin or what a lepercon would where its realy sweet

Anonymous said...

Oh my, that is just too cute!!! Can I get one of those? hehe ;)