Thursday, December 18, 2008

Honey, Can I Do Some Christmas Shopping?

I want to go Christmas (window) shopping...for me! My husband and I promised each other that we would not buy for each other this year, for two reasons: #1, we just don't have the money. #2, we would rather give to help with the Crisis in the Congo, or Hands at Work. This year we are just feeling so fortunate to have all that we have. We have a little tiny apartment (but much larger than most third world country "homes")with electricity and running water. We have an abundance of food and clothing, to the point of our closets and cupboards being stuffed to overflowing. My husband still has his job, despite pending layoffs across the country at various corporations. We have our health. We have two great vehicles, which are both VERY close to being paid off. We have two wonderful children. We have a WONDERFUL family. We are truly blessed. I really can't ask for more.

But....if I were to ask...if I were to do some shopping, I might get something like these:

What can I say? I love sparkly things! :-)
Have a great day!


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