Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is This How Your Life Looks?

If this is what your life looks like, I hope that you will take some time off this holiday season, and just relax, and spend quality time with your family. No one says you HAVE to go to a jillion parties, and no one says you HAVE to bake 12 dozen cookies for your friends and neighbors. Enjoy the little ones (and the big ones) while you still have them. You can never get that time back. I am realizing that more and more as I see my 15 year old turning into quite the young man.

I know that I spend way too much time at the computer. With a 2 year old at home, and a 15 year old at time is divided. There's always going to be laundry, dishes, computer work, vacuuming, meals to cook, floors to mop. Think about what is most important to you, and go there! I hope your family is more important than your housework or career. I'm going to carve out some wonderful time with my family this Christmas, and start some new traditions.

By the way, the print above is called "Kitchen Mess" and was painted by Tali Naveh of "Talchen" on She hails from the same "neck of the woods" as I do...the SF Bay Area.

Have a blessed weekend!



demandablog said...

What a wonderful message! That totally looks like my life except that my cat is way too fat to be able to balance on a telephone wire. :D

PamperingBeki said...


Simply Sentimental said...

This is SOOOO my life....