Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Must See Holiday Movie

While it is still fresh in my mind, I wanted to share with you a movie that we just finished watching; Christmas Child. It is "a story of coming home". At the eve of the finalization of our little guy's adoption, and with adoption so much on our family's heart, just about any movie or story with an adoption theme can make me bawl like a baby. This movie was no exception. The story is set in the life of a big-city, Chicago reporter, and his roots in Clearwater, Texas.

I highly recommend this movie as one to watch during the Christmas season. It is a story of love, and of forgiveness, in more ways than one. We found this at our local RedBox unit. If you click on the link of the movie title, in the paragraph above, you can find out where to purchase the movie.

This Max Lucado film stars Steven Curtis Chapman, Megan Follows (for all of you "Anne of Green Gables" fans), and William Moses.

God bless!


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