Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Need to Make a Quick Run to the Market...Lilly Market, That Is!

I've mentioned before that I'm always finding neat things because I subscribe to blogs, and I find these neat things through articles on these other blogs. Well, today's post is not exception. If you haven't heard of "The Girl Indie Blog", you're missing out. It is always fresh and funny, with several contributing authors, including Lisa and Bobbie, who started the blog. They share many zany life stories, along with great "reviews" and giveaways. They also showcase some gorgeous handmade products, kind of like we do here!

Anyway, they have this post called "Big Ol' Box of Food", and of course that piqued my curiosity. So I followed the link from my email, to The Girl Indie Blog, to Lilly Market, where I found the most beautiful and delicious looking food I have seen in quite some time. Well, not really FOOD per se...but it IS felt food! And it's beautiful!

So now I want the Big Box O' Food. You can see it just below, so you'll know what I mean. We have a two year old little guy who is not much into regular toys, but give him an old cell phone, some measuring spoons, a plastic cup and bowl, a cardboard shipping box; and he can have imaginative play for most of the day!

I hope you'll go take a quick run to Lilly Market. They have lots of wonderful foods, and they even have instructions for making it if you feel so inclined! Have fun! And thank you for supporting the small toymakers and crafters!

Have a blessed Sunday!

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jenny said...

i realy think thay are grate and well i say yes to handmade and well we all need to do what we can to keep heand made alive :)